Green tea and autoimmune disorders

Immunity shields us from the onslaught of many diseases. There is an ongoing build-up of immunity from birth onwards. This occurs when the child initially encounters microbes. With each invasion of the same microbe the defence system is boosted up. There is a discreet and organized way of observing the foreign protein by the organism. But often the immune system isn’t able to differentiate the ‘foreign’ from the ‘self’ and so it begins destroying the cells and tissues of its own body. This kind of situation is called autoimmune disease.

History of tea

The history of drinking tea leaves is very old. Lots of people believe India and China were the first countries to have tea plantations. Out of all the kinds of tea, green tea is believed to have great health benefits. The human body naturally produces free radicals. These free radicals harm the cells and the tissues.

Scientific opinion

The scientists believe it to be responsible for the faster ageing processes. But there are several environmental agents which improve the production of free radicals in the body. Ultraviolet radiation, addiction to various drugs and pollution are potent agents for the production of free radicals. The things which help in catching the free radicals and thus cutting down on their burden on the bodily systems are called antioxidants. Besides many fruits and vegetables, green tea also has the advantages of antioxidants. Polyphenols are the substances which are found aplenty in the green tea leaves and act as strong antioxidants. Thus green tea shields a lot against free radicals. There are well-documented proofs that green tea defends against heart disease, cancer, diabetes.

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